About us



We are a team of health entrepreneurs who previously founded and managed international e-commerce companies. Until about 5 years ago we lived our lives as many other people do - doing sports occasionally, enjoying all types of food, staying up late from time to time and sometimes getting up late. We realized, however, that a healthy lifestyle is a much better option for us. So we started eating more healthy food (mostly vegetables, fruits and greens), exercising regularly, but, most importantly, we became aware of what we eat, drink and apply to our bodies. Our scientific research and interest in natural cosmetics, healthy food and appliances that make our drinks good for our bodies inspired our search for healthy products and now we are excited to share our passion with you.

Because we live in New York and New Jersey and have ties to many countries, we wanted to bring the best products we could find to the US market. Although many of them are not certified organic because it may be difficult for a brand we work with to go through the certification process, they are made of organic, natural or vegan ingredients and are great for our health. We know that for sure because we try many of the products ourselves and can tell from experience. All the products that we sell on our website are already selling in other countries or in the US, so we hope you will enjoy them too!

We will be very happy to hear from you! Let us know what we can do better.

Feel free to sign up for our newsletter to learn about new exciting products or reach out to us through the form here if you have any questions. Also, you can always send us a quick email: hi at feelslikenature.com.

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