7 Myths About Water - And the Truths That Everyone Should Know

Posted by Maggy on 30th Sep 2019

7 Myths About Water - And the Truths That Everyone Should Know

Myth 1: We should drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.

This is perhaps the most commonly cited water rule that is in fact untrue. The truth is, there is no scientific evidence supporting the claim that eight glasses of water a day is optimal for health. The amount of water you should consume will vary greatly based on factors like age, weight, activity, temperature, altitude, alcohol intake and other factors such as pregnancy. Most importantly, the amount of water you should drink is directly related to the actual quality of your drinking water. For example, bottled drinking water simply doesn’t align with our bodies’ requirements and you need to drink more, so that the body would absorb at least a small portion of it. Maybe it will absorb 1-2 glasses of water from 6-8 that you drank. If, however, you drink healthy ionized water, the body will absorb all of it and you would need to drink less to support your health.

Myth 2: You shouldn’t drink water before eating.

In fact, we should drink water before eating. Ideally, 1-2 hours in advance but you can also drink 1-2 glasses of water 30 minutes in advance. This is necessary to start the digestive system and prepare it for the food intake.

Myth 3: Sparkling water is good for health.

Sparkling water normally has a very low pH level (around 3) and thus, it has a very strong acidic effect on our body. When drinking such water, our body will gradually wear out and it may lead to serious diseases and early aging.

Myth 4: Distilled water is good for your health.

NO! Distilled water is 100% dead water. And it’s actually extremely harmful, both for plants and for human bodies.

Myth 5: Reverse osmosis water is good for health.

Reverse osmosis water is almost the same as distilled water, and even worse – it’s surface tension is extremely high. Thus, the correct answer is no – you shouldn’t drink reverse osmosis water.

Myth 6: You shouldn’t drink water before going to bed.

If you drink biologically active ionized water, drinking it before going to bed is actually very good for you because the body will start its internal self-cleaning processes.

Myth 7: Drinking water helps you lose weight.

Drinking water won’t specifically trigger weight loss, but it can aid in the process. Water replaces other calorie-laden beverages in the diet, causing you to reduce your overall number of calories. Plus, it can make you feel fuller, so you may eat less at each meal. Water, particularly cold water, may even play a role in increasing your metabolism. Researchers in Germany found that subjects of the study increased their metabolic rates by 30 percent after drinking approximately 17 ounces of water.

Be happy, be healthy! Drink the “right” water!