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100% Natural. Turns regular drinks into healthy drinks. Creates strong negative ORP charge. Balances the pH level of the drink. Portable. Developed by scientists at Aquaspectr.


  • STRONG PH BALANCE (7.5-9.0), ACTIVATES DRINKING WATER AND ANY OTHER HOT AND COLD BEVERAGES. Hydrogen Mug enriches your drinking water with active hydrogen ions, creating strong pH balance (7.5 – 9.0) similar to pH balance of a human body.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL AND ANTIOXIDANT EFFECT, STRONG NEGATIVE ORP CHARGE (FROM -150 to -500 mV). Hydrogen Mug kills pathogenic bacteria.
  • 25 YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. Aquaspectr Hydrogen Mug was developed by a team of scientists led by Professor Khachatrian who has over 25 years of experience in studying water effects on human health.
  • Take Hydrogen Mug anywhere you go. It’s super easy to use and store and it will re-energize you every single time you use it.

Hydrogen Mug is a unique patented product which activates water and other beverages. Regular consumption of beverages using Hydrogen Mug contributes to:

  • Free radical neutralization
  • Strengthening immune system
  • Normalizing the digestive system
  • Building immunity to stress and infections
  • Slowing aging processes
  • Lowering cholesterol level
  • Faster recovery from sports injuries
  • Reducing the risk of cancer
  • Increasing mental activity
  • Reducing edema
  • Normalizing blood pressure

Some of the properties of the HYDROGEN MUG include:

  • Neutralization of chlorine and heavy metal salts
  • Powerful antioxidant and antibacterial effect
  • Increase of alkaline level to higher than 7 pH
  • Strong antioxidant beverage's properties and a negative ORP charge of activated beverages from -150 to -500 MV
  • Improvement of taste and aroma of the beverage
  • Reduction of the beverage's surface tension


HYDROGEN MUG is made of eco-friendly composition of metals with a predominance of Magnesium.


Before using the mug for the first time, wash it thoroughly with any dishwashing detergent. Now the mug is clean and ready to be used.


What Does It Mean to Activate or Charge the Liquid?

Before we describe activation time required to obtain the liquid’s negative ORP charge and hydrogen saturation, it is important to understand that the proper use of the HYDROGEN MUG and the level of charge obtained, depend on several factors:

  • In case of water, it depends on the properties of water used: initial levels of mineralization, pH, temperature, and chemical composition. Bottled drinking water, purified, filtered or tap water will be ideal for activation. Distilled water and water received in the process of reverse osmosis can be used as well, however, due to the complete absence of natural minerals in it, the time of activation of such water will increase significantly.
  • The HYDROGEN MUG must be clean. The purity of the alloy mug directly affects the duration of activation. If the mug has not been cleaned for a long time, the activation time will increase, and in some cases activation may become completely ineffective. Please see instructions on how to clean the HYDROGEN MUG below.

How to Activate Water

In order to get strong negative ORP charge and saturate water with hydrogen, keep it in the HYDROGEN MUG for 5-10 minutes.  You can keep water in the mug for a longer period of time. The water can be considered properly charged when the level of ORP is about -50 to -100 MV (usually achieved in 5-10 minutes).

How to Activate Tea, Coffee and Other Hot Drinks

It will be sufficient to keep hot drinks in HYDROGEN MUG between 30 seconds and 2 minutes so that the liquid could acquire the negative ORP charge and normal pH level higher than 7 pH. It is recommended to pour hot drinks in your regular mug after that. There are many active ingredients in hot drinks, therefore, they are activated much faster and can reach an ORP of -400 to -600 MV in only 30-60 seconds.

How to Activate Juices and Smoothies

To activate juices and smoothies, just hold them in your HYDROGEN MUG until you see foam forming at the edges of the mug. This process may take anywhere from 5 seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on the type of the juice or smoothie. As soon as you start seeing foam in the mug, pour your juice or smoothie into a regular glass. The activated drink will keep negative charge for a few hours.

IMPORTANT! Please note that if you want to activate water with lemon, or lemon juice, in your HYDROGEN MUG, do not keep this drink in your HYDROGEN MUG for longer than 10-15 seconds. Otherwise, citric acid will start a chemical reaction with the mug, and instead of a healthy drink you will get a very clean mug.

Weight of Hudrogen Mug alone is 4.6 oz. The box includes Hydrogen Mug, cleaning tablets and metal sponge for mug cleaning. 

Hydrogen Mug


Your HUDROGEN MUG not only charges liquids, but also cleans them. After using your mug for a while you may notice that the interior walls of the mug become doll. To remove any coating from the interior walls of the mug and to restore its efficiency, please clean the HYDROGEN MUG with a metal sponge and special detergent included in the box.

How to Apply Detergent

  • Place 1 tablet of detergent in a mug.
  • Fill it with hot water of about 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit (60-70 °C), just enough to cover the tablet.
  • Shake the mug well, so that the foam is evenly distributed on the walls.
  • After the foam stops producing, take a metal sponge and scrub the mug inside.
  • Rinse the mug thoroughly with running water.
  • Your HUDROGEN MUG is now clean and ready to make you feel better again!

What to Do if You Have No Detergent

Use one tea spoon of citric acid and mix it with 6-8 oz of water to clean the HYDROGEN MUG.

How to determine when it’s time to clean your HYDROGEN MUG

It’s time to clean it if you:

  • See that the surface of the mug is darkened and has spots
  • Use an ORP tester and you can objectively determine that activation takes much longer than at the beginning
  • Use freshly squeezed juice (for example, orange or pomegranate), and the foam doesn’t form around the edges.

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